Skeleton (11/04/2021)

Looking like a complete deer skeleton.


Easter Roadtrip 2 (04-05/04/2021)

Bad weather and driving conditions, and about 30cm fresh snow overnight. We were glad to have chosen the coastal route and made it safely home.

Høgkjølen (02/04/2021)

Dovre (29/03/2021)

Easter skiing at its best: good weather, bad snow, and a very excited dog.

Easter Roadtrip 1 (28-29/03/2021)

On our way to Trøndelag.

Sotra (21/03/2021)

Nice walk and some cultural heritage on Sotra.

Eggplant (21/03/2021)

Fjell Festning (13/03/2021)

Taking advantage of a rain/slush break.


Submarine (10/03/2021)

A rather unusual view from the window.



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