Skating (11/12/2021)

Langavatnet, Gullbotn

Turøyna (28/11/2021)

Gullfjellstoppen (21/11/2021)

A taste of winter: Gullfjellstoppen, 987m.

Turøyna (20/11/2021)

First outing for the new boat! First 5 pics taken by Lise.

Gift (19/11/2021)


Krabbekjeilo (14/11/2021)

Syltøyna (13/11/2021)

Picture: Liv

Syltøyna (06/10/2021)

Damsgårdsfjellet (04/11/2021)

So good to catch some sun after the wettest October *ever* in Bergen (>640mm precipitation).


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