Nordlys (27/09/2020)

Vassfjellet (27/09/2020)

Trollheimen (06-07/09/2020)

Kårvatn - Innerdalen over Bjøråskardet and retour. More rain than predicted.

Strindamarka (01/09/2020)

Jervfjellet (30/08/2020)

Jotunheimen: Galdhøpiggen (15/08/2020)

Norways highest peak on the way home: Galdhøpiggen (2469m)

Bergen (09-14/08/2020)

A (work-related) week in Bergen. Nice views on the round Ulriken - Fløyen far above the city centre.

Vestlandet (08-09/08/2020)

Sognefjell - Sognefjord (07/08/2020)

Jotunheimen: Besshøe (06/08/2020)

From Bessheim to Besshøe (2258m) but we turned around approx 100hm before the top due to low clouds/fog. Close encounter with a herd of reindeer that unexpectedly came our way after we had passed it 15min before.


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