Bymarka (19/04/2020)

First outdoor coffee of the year!

Litlbergfjellet Easter 2020 (13/04/2020)

Lots of fresh snow after a heavy snowstorm.

Social Distancing Easter (09-13/04/2020)

Before the Corona epidemics took pace we had planned to travel to Germany around Easter. Instead we spent social distancing-conform Easter holidays at home. Weather was variable to say the least.

New Views (04/04/2020)

In the interest of social distancing we started to pick spots on the map we have not been to before and see where we get. Sometime the skiing is better than other times, but fun to get to know new views.

Free workout (29/03/2020)


Vassfjellet (22/03/2020)

Springtime (21/03/2020)

For the next six months the days will be longer than the nights.

Outdoor Coffee (18/03/2020)

Warm enough to drink the morning coffee outside on the stairs!


Vassfjellet (14/03/2020)

Lifts are closed but randonee skiing is still possible.

Social distancing (13/03/2020)

Evening powder skiing to Litlbergfjellet. First day of SARS-CoV2 lockdown in Norway.


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