Vassfjellet (27/09/2020)

Jervfjellet (30/08/2020)

Geitfjellet (26/06/2020)

The sun is back! (04/02/2020)

More snow in Strindamarka than expected.

Vennafjellet (26/10/2019)

Trailrunning to Vennafjellet (667m). First snow this winter!

Riven (29/08/2019)

Trail run on Riven, above Husøya (Senja).

Pilgrimsleden (15/06/2019)

Evening run on Pilgrimsleden from Hjerkinn, Dovre.

Bymarka (22/04/2019)

Exploring new corners of Bymarka while trying to stay under the snowline.

Franconia (25-27/12/2018)

Home sweet Walberla.

Snøøø (27/10/2018)


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