Sjoa with TKK (22-23/09/2018)

The annual Sjoa trip with Trondheim Kajakklubb.
Last two paddle pictures by Jan-Erik Hagelund.

TKK Slalomhelg (11/08/2018)

Slalom workshop organized by TKK.

Stavanger (30/07/2018)

Vesfna Elvefestival (21/07/2018)

Back to beautiful Vefsna for maybe the nicest kayaking festival in Norway.

Hitra (29/09-1/10/2017)

Brottpadlekurs with TKK.

Pics of people by Håvard, Pål, Sigurd.

Sjoatur TKK (22-24/09/2017)

River pic by Jakob.

Oppdal Elvefestival (26-27/08/2017)

Nidelva (18/08/2017)

Introducing Bini's mom to river paddling.

Further north (23-31/07/2017)

Since we were already a couple of hours north of Trondheim and plans are highly overrated: driving further north.
In return we got 10 days with awesome weather that made up for the shitty summer we had so far!

Vefsna Elvefestival (20-23/07/2017)

Highly recommendable kayak festival in Nord-Norge with cool location, nice people and good kayaking from technical to big water. It's a shame we took hardly any pictures from the rivers since they are truly beautiful.


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