Livarden (21/02/2022)

Livarden, 683moh

Austefjellet (19/02/2022)

Austefjellet 808moh

Gullfjellstoppen (21/11/2021)

A taste of winter: Gullfjellstoppen, 987m.

Stemmesegga (18/09/2021)

Stemmesegga, Osterøy (573m).

Sauabrehytta (29-30/08/2021)

Espeland - Sauabrehytta with Uli and Adeline.

Sotra - Hardanger (27-28/08/2021)

Long weekend with Uli and Adeline. Evening hike to Liatårnet, one night on Sotra (unfortuntately no pictures of the first northern lights of this seasons), climbing at Atlantis, then driving towards Hardangerfjorden.

Åndalsnes (28/07/2021)

Eventually visiting Åndalsnes with Rampestrekken as after-dinner walk.

Løvstakken (14/07/2021)

Hellefjellet (10/07/2021)

Gullfjellet (05/06/2021)


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