Sylan (10-12/04/2019)

Trekanten in Sylan (Bjørneggen - Ramsjøhytta - Schulzhytta - Bjørneggen, ca. 50km, 3 days) in perfect weather and just for ourselves. Puck did a fantastic job on his very first cabin trip.

Finale Ligure (04-07/01/2019)

A long drive for some sun.

Stølådal (26/08/2018)

Bitihorn (05/08/2018)

Stopover in Jotunheimen.

Preikestolen (26/07/2018)

Fosen (01/07/2018)

Weekend trip to the Fosen peninsula.

Ondusfjellet (26/05/2018)

We have been skiing in the area before but missed the beautiful birch forest half way up. Pictures are not able to catch the magic of this place.

Etna II - South Flank (20/10/2017)

Hiking on the south flank (almost) to the Etna summit.
To skip the cable car turned out to be hard work but going down is fast & fun.

Dovre (12-13/11/2016)

Kongsvoll - Reinheim - Kongsvoll together with Chrissi.

Snøhetta (20-21/08/2016)

Snøheim - Reinheim - Snøhetta (2286m) - Snøheim.


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