Juletur til Sylan, return to Bjørneggen (25-29/12/2019)

Because the weather forecast showed approaching gale and a lot of rain/snow, we headed back to Ramsjøhytta the next morning. Some fresh snow and milder temperatures made the trip pleasant. With another forecast update we decided to return to Bjørneggen the day after, earlier then planned initially. The tour we had in mind would have been impossible and it was rather uncertain if another weather window would open before the end of our vacation. The descent was wet, cold and strenous (last picture) but at least we had the wind in our back and the coming days would be much worse.

Juletur til Sylan, Storeikvollen (25-29/12/2019)

On day three we set off to Storeikvollen with clear skies. It was a beautiful but also very, very cold day. Shortly after we arrived at Storeikvollen we got company from a guy and his two dogs who were on their way to a solo trip to the Swedish mountains. Unfortunately, the oven in the dog deparment was not sufficient to heat the cabin to a comfortable temperature and the snow that had come into the cabin through an open vent started melting only the next morning.

Juletur til Sylan, Ramsjøhytta (25-29/12/2019)

We did not travel south over the holidays for the first time this year. Uncertain if we would find acceptable skiing conditions and how it would work with 4:30h of daylight, we started our Christmas cabin trip at Bjørneggen at the northern end of Sylan and aimed for cozy Ramsjøhytta. The snow layer at the wind-exposed parts was just enough and we got to enjoy sun in our face for a few minutes. The second half of the ascent was unpleasently foggy. As was the next day. We had a chill rest day at Ramsjøhytta before we set off to Storeikvollen at sunrise the next morning.

Jervfjellet (20/10/2019)

Catching the last sunbeams on Jervfjellet (504m), passing Finn-Pålstuggu cave on the way.

Gimshøgda (13/10/2019)

Dog family excursion to Gimshøgda, Orkdal (635m).

Walkshop Jotunheimen (09-12/09/2019)

Me and Puck got a chance to taste hiking in beautiful Jotunheimen during a "Walkshop" organized by the Centre for Digital Life Norway. 17 Participants with 8 different nationalities got into discussions on value & value creation in biotechnology and life sciences while hiking Leirvassbu - Olavsbu - Skogadalsbøen - Sognefjellshytta.

Sjunkhatten (02/09/2019)

Hiking in Sjunkhatten National Park, near Bodø after returning to the mainland

Reka (01/09/2019)

Finally we got to hike Reka on Langøya (Vesterålen), even so we still did not climb the top. Reka is named after its impressive silouette that reminds of a spade blade.

Nykvåg (31/08/2019)

Brief windy walk near Nykvåg on Langøya (Vesterålen).

Kvasstinden (30/08/2019)

Kvasstinden (705m), the highest peak on Andøya (Vesterålen).


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