Hitra III (10/11/2018)

Only a hint of green on Saturday but very pretty stars.

Hitra I: Nordlys! (09/11/2018)

I have been waiting for the whole season. Finally proper Northern Lights! Friday night on Hitra was a blast.

Tromsø (30/10/2018)


Daylight saving time (29/10/2018)

Little firefly fascinated by the sound of the ice.

Brrr (28/10/2018)

10am infront of our kitchen window. Brrbrrbrr.


Snøøø (27/10/2018)

Norsk Buhund treff (21/10/2018)

Good morning! (18/10/2018)

Trondheimsfjord (14/10/2018)

Easy afternoon paddle with pretty autumn colors.

Bymarka (07/10/2018)

A walk to Geitfjellet together with Pumuckl's best friend.


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