Langøyna (03/07/2022)

Second time kayaking for Puck - he did great and we managed a 7.5km round trip from Møvik around Langøyna with several stops. He also helped to transport the kayak to and from the waterline.

Løno (29/06/2022)

Langøyna - Løno.

Balcony kitsch (27/06/2022)


Syltøyna (26/06/2022)

Pic: Ingunn Renolen

Lokøyna (25/06/2022)

Climbing on Lokøyna, hiking to the highest point, and observing a dolphin on the way back.

Picnic paddle (24/06/2022)

Warmest day of the year so far - after work picnic paddle with Puck.

Atlantis (20/06/2022)

Nonfjellet (18 & 20/06/2022)

Algrøy (19/06/2022)

Pic: Lise Amundsen

Balcony kitsch (17/06/2022)



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