Snapshots from the first two weeks in his new home. We have to work on also taking pictures in action but while training the dog this is basically impossible without a second person.


We had the privilege to see our new family member already growing up before he moved in with us with 8weeks. The name was a long discussion between us until I had to admire Binis stubbornness in this matter and gave in. Welcome Pumuckl!

Norsk Buhund (14/04/2018)

Storhornet (09/04/2018)

Storhornet close to Oppdal is a very save choice for considerable avalanche risk and/or bad weather. Great view from the top, although not this time.

Norsk Buhund (08/04/2018)

7 weeks old.

Norsk Buhund (18/03/2018)

4 weeks old.

Mannfjellet (11/03/2018)

Norway Pavillion (09/03/2018)

The pavillion was build for the 1983 World's exhibition in Chicago and returned to Orkanger in 2017.


Norsk Buhund (06/03/2018)

2 weeks old.

Gråkallen (26/02/2018)

Rounds on Gråkallen, the closest possible "topptur" from Trondheim if the snow ist good. -16°C is so cold that the ski boots freeze inside.


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