Fanahammaren (13/02/2021)

Skating on sea ice, fantastic experience.

Viewpoint (12/02/2021)

Collecting pictures from the viewpoint. This time showing the other direction to not get too boring.


Longer days (10/02/2021)

Still light around 5pm.


Ulriken/Vidden (07/02/2021)

Up Ulriken from Landås on Fjellski - mediocre skiing but fantastic weather.

Damsgårdfjellet (06/02/2021)

Livarden (03/02/2021)

Livarden at night. -15°C and faint northern lights.

Viewpoint (31/01/2021)

One of my favorite backyard viewpoints.

Livarden (30/01/2021)

Sun & snow (24/01/2021)

A stroll in the backyard forest.

Deer (23/01/2021)

Proof: deer in our backyard forest. And some snow fun.


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