Season start (10/05/2018)

Ascension day felt like jumping right into summer. We started the outdoor climbing season at Hardmoen a few days later than the last two years. The puppy did a very good job and enjoyed playing with water and the last snowpatches for refreshment - there is nothing like starting young to become a good climbers dog.

Ramsløkhøsting (05-06/05/2018)

First night in the car with the puppy, hanging out at the fjord and harvesting ramsons (Allium ursinum) at our secret spot. We made lots of pesto!

Tired boys (03/05/2018)

<3 <3 <3

Apport! (01/05/2018)

Finally some action shots!


Snapshots from the first two weeks in his new home. We have to work on also taking pictures in action but while training the dog this is basically impossible without a second person.


We had the privilege to see our new family member already growing up before he moved in with us with 8weeks. The name was a long discussion between us until I had to admire Binis stubbornness in this matter and gave in. Welcome Pumuckl!

Norsk Buhund (14/04/2018)

Storhornet (09/04/2018)

Storhornet close to Oppdal is a very save choice for considerable avalanche risk and/or bad weather. Great view from the top, although not this time.

Norsk Buhund (08/04/2018)

7 weeks old.

Norsk Buhund (18/03/2018)

4 weeks old.


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