Jonsvatnet I (21/01/2018)

Stålis (steel ice) is the Norwegian name for freshwater ice. Fantastic conditions at the southern end of Jonsvatnet today with perfect black and smooth ice.


How to keep your kitchen herbs alive during Norwegian winter.


Mannfjellet (13/01/2018)

Mannfjellet near Meråker, 1043m.


Einige Dinge sind in Norwegen einfach nicht zu bekommen, oder sehr sehr teuer.
Unsere Import-Hitliste:
- Räuchertofu (im Bild der Vorrat für die nächsten paar Monate)
- Bergkäse
- Ritter-Sport Schokolade
- Vegane Gummibärchen
- Tee-Filtertüten

Ruten (17/12/2017)

First topptur of this season!

Lianvatnet (28/11/2017)

Excellent ice skating conditions for a couple of days.

Burmaklippen (26/11/2017)

(Icy) stroll to Burmaklippen, a mini-Trolltunga close to Trondheim. Sometimes it is not silly at all to use spikes under the shoes.


Nordlys (07/11/2017)

Full moon and northern lights.

Nordlys (13/10/2017)

Nordlys (12/10/2017)


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