Easter Roadtrip 1 (28-29/03/2021)

On our way to Trøndelag.

Eggplant (21/03/2021)

Sotra (21/03/2021)

Nice walk and some cultural heritage on Sotra.

Fjell Festning (13/03/2021)

Taking advantage of a rain/slush break.


Submarine (10/03/2021)

A rather unusual view from the window.


Home office advantages (09/03/2021)

Home office also has advantages: taking a break for a sunny afternoon run.

Sunday run (07/03/2021)

Damsgårdsfjellet. A hint of spring.

Neighbourhood views (06/03/2021)

Yet another viewpoint in the backyard.


Damsgårdsfjellet (04/03/2021)

Good running conditions. Enjoying the view - sniffing the scene.

Damsgårdsfjellet (20/02/2021)

Cold and windy.


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