Fjords&Glaciers - Western Norway (24/07/2018)

Traveling south. We have to see postcard Norway at least once.

Helgelandskysten (22/07/2018)

Visit to Helgelandskysten including trailrunning to Torghatten.

Vesfna Elvefestival (21/07/2018)

Back to beautiful Vefsna for maybe the nicest kayaking festival in Norway.

Toåadalen (08/07/2018)

Trailrunning around Kårvatn II.

Naustådalen (07/07/2018)

Trailrunning around Kårvatn I.

Kårvatn (07/07/2018)

Fosen (01/07/2018)

Weekend trip to the Fosen peninsula.

Abandoned Mink Farm (01/07/2018)


Fannrem (17/06/2018)


Porto (06-09/06/2018)

Short visit to Porto for a conference.


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