Beaches (23/08-04/09/2019)

Collection of beautiful sandy beaches up north.

Postschiff in use (23/08-04/09/2019)


Sjunkhatten (02/09/2019)

Hiking in Sjunkhatten National Park, near Bodø after returning to the mainland

Reka (01/09/2019)

Finally we got to hike Reka on Langøya (Vesterålen), even so we still did not climb the top. Reka is named after its impressive silouette that reminds of a spade blade.

Nordlys (31/08/2019)

First northern lights for this season while it still was not get completely dark. After the last, very quiet season this gives hope for more displays during this winter.

Nykvåg (31/08/2019)

Brief windy walk near Nykvåg on Langøya (Vesterålen).

Kvasstinden (30/08/2019)

Kvasstinden (705m), the highest peak on Andøya (Vesterålen).

Whale watching (30/08/2019)

Long term plan came true with a whale watching trip from Andenes, Andøya (Vesterålen). We were close to two different sperm whale (Potthval, Physeter macrocephalus) individuals, among them local celebrity "Glenn" twice, and saw others blowing from a distance.

Riven (29/08/2019)

Trail run on Riven, above Husøya (Senja).

Hesten (28/08/2019)

Hiking up Hesten (520m) from Fjordgård, Senja for a perfect view on Segla (590m).


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