Norsk Buhund (18/03/2018)

4 weeks old.

Norway Pavillion (09/03/2018)

The pavillion was build for the 1983 World's exhibition in Chicago and returned to Orkanger in 2017.


Norsk Buhund (06/03/2018)

2 weeks old.

Lousiana (04/03/2018)

Special exhibition: Picasso ceramics.

Copenhagen (02-05/03/2018)

A long weekend in Copenhagen, meeting with Rebecca.

Glyptoteket (03/03/2018)

Bastard Boardgame Café

Gråkallen (26/02/2018)

Rounds on Gråkallen, the closest possible "topptur" from Trondheim if the snow ist good. -16°C is so cold that the ski boots freeze inside.

Vassfjellet (25/02/2018)

Just enough time to make it to the top after it stopped snowing. 30cm fresh powder!


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