Celebrata Hindreimr (05-07/07/2019)

A fantastic little festival on Fosen. Headliners: Sieben & Kirlian Camera.

Bakklandet (23/06/2018)

Kristiansund (17/06/2019)

Short trip to Kristiansund with Binis family. Return travel with the coastal speed ferry.


Grimsdalshytta - Hjerkinn (16/06/2019)

A trip to Hjerkinn together with Binis family. We got a lift with them to Grimsdalshytta and walked back to Hjerkinn.

Pilgrimsleden (15/06/2019)

Evening run on Pilgrimsleden from Hjerkinn, Dovre.

Trollheimen (08-09/06/2019)

Jøldalshytta - Trollheimshytta (via Svartåadalen) - Jøldalshytta (via Geithetta) with Heike from Germany. Sheep, Reindeer, Ptarmigan and surprisingly good weather.

Ladestien (07/06/2019)

Harbakhula (02/06/2019)

Fosen (31/05-02/06/2019)

A nameless peninsula on Fosen. First time multiday-hiking and sleeping in a tent for Puck, he did great.

Dead Can Dance (17/05/2019)

Tempodrom, Berlin.
Bad picture yet amazing concert.


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