Maggevika (16/06/2022)

Smalaneset & Maggevika on Algrøy

Kalsøyane (12/06/2022)

Møvik kai - Kalsøyane.
Last 3 pics: Bernt Solheim.

Trondheim (08-10/06/2022)

Signalveggen (06/06/2022)

Signalen (05/06/2022)

Møvik (04/06/2022)

Successful test to walk the about 1km and 80m altitude difference to Møvik kai.

Bathtub (04/06/2022)

Puck's favourite swimming spot.

Balcony kitsch (31/05/2022)


Signalen (30/05/2022)

Our house is visible at the very left side of the picture.



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