Oven Upgrade

Significant improvement thinks the dog.

Saksvikvollen (26/01/2019)

Geitfjellet (24/01/2019)

The best thing about vacation...

Winter vacation privileges because even a Norwegian Buhund can freeze at night.


Finale Ligure (04-07/01/2019)

A long drive for some sun.

Rissbachtal (03/01/2019)

Skiing in one of the most lovely valleys of the northern alps. Second time skiing for Pumuckl.

Franconia (25-27/12/2018)

Home sweet Walberla.

Danish Westcoast (23-23/12/2018)

Ready for vacation (22/12/2018)

Piles of gear for the Jul road trip.

Oven Best of (12/2018)

Guess the favorite piece of furniture in this household.


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