Juletur til Sylan, Ramsjøhytta (25-29/12/2019)

We did not travel south over the holidays for the first time this year. Uncertain if we would find acceptable skiing conditions and how it would work with 4:30h of daylight, we started our Christmas cabin trip at Bjørneggen at the northern end of Sylan and aimed for cozy Ramsjøhytta. The snow layer at the wind-exposed parts was just enough and we got to enjoy sun in our face for a few minutes. The second half of the ascent was unpleasently foggy. As was the next day. We had a chill rest day at Ramsjøhytta before we set off to Storeikvollen at sunrise the next morning.

Bymarka (11/12/2019)

The very best treatment for winter depression.

Bymarka (02/12/2019)

Skiing in the backyard.

Snow (01/12/2019)

Lots of snow shoveling. And the first ski outing for this winter.

Strindamarka (11/2019)

The backyard in November.

Fannrem (24/11/2019)

A visit to winterwonderland! One month before the winter solstice the sun comes over the hill for not even an hour.

Turskøyting (10/11/2019)

Turskøyter, translated "touring skates", describes ice skates that can be mounted on cross-country skiing boots. Particularly useful if several lakes are crossed.
Today Kyvannet - Lianvatnet - Haukvatnet - Store Leirsjøen and retour.

Saksvikvollen (03/11/2019)

Catching the last sunbeams.

It's this time of the year again... (11/2019)

Perhaps Puck has misunderstood that he is an arctic dog. Meanwhile he even learned to fetch the matchsticks.

Vennafjellet (26/10/2019)

Trailrunning to Vennafjellet (667m). First snow this winter!


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