Stalking Badgers (03/2020)

Busy at two different badger's burrows. The first signs of spring!

Stalking Moose (02-03/2020)

So far snow conditions this year have been fairly unstable. One advantage is that we know where to find our resident moose. With the remaining snow I am too able to see the game tracks, the exciting moose pee, and the resting spots. Puck shows clearly distinguishable body postures and behaviour for moose, deer and rawdeer (as well as for reindeer, sheep and ptarmigan but those do not live in our neighbourhood).
Pictures are collected from several walks.

Gimshøgda (29/02/2020)

Topptur to Gimshøgda in fantastic powder!

Saksvikvollen (27/02/2020)

Bymarka (24/02/2020)

Våvatnet (09/02/2020)

Windy skiing from Våvatnet in direction Omnfjellet.

Fannrem (08/02/2020)

The Buhund family.

The sun is back! (04/02/2020)

More snow in Strindamarka than expected.

Bymarka (05/01/2020)


Juletur til Sylan, return to Bjørneggen (25-29/12/2019)

Because the weather forecast showed approaching gale and a lot of rain/snow, we headed back to Ramsjøhytta the next morning. Some fresh snow and milder temperatures made the trip pleasant. With another forecast update we decided to return to Bjørneggen the day after, earlier then planned initially. The tour we had in mind would have been impossible and it was rather uncertain if another weather window would open before the end of our vacation. The descent was wet, cold and strenous (last picture) but at least we had the wind in our back and the coming days would be much worse.


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