Damsgårdsfjellet (24/10/2021)

Wet & windy

Pyttane (17/10/2021)

Lie - Pyttane (Liatårnet radaranlegg) - solid uphill asphalt running.

Bekhilderen (02/10/2021)

Too much swell today to enter the sea cave but nevertheless a beautiful place.

Sauabrehytta (29-30/08/2021)

Espeland - Sauabrehytta with Uli and Adeline.

Sotra (14/08/2021)

Selstø-buene on Sotra with Susi and Otto.

Atlantis (08/08/2021)

Introducing Rebecca to outdoor climbing.

Buarbreen (06/08/2021)

Buer - Buarbreen.

Oslo (05/08/2021)

Oslo sightseeing after picking up Rebecca at Gardemoen. Visiting the fantastic Deichman Bjørvika library and Frognerparken.

Rondane triangle (01-03/08/2021)

3 days hiking in Rondane with tent. Straumbu - Bjørnhollia - Rondvassbu - Rondhalsen - Langlupdalen - Straumbu.

Rondane (31/07/2021)


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