Reinheimen - Jotunheimen (28-29/07/2020)

Reinheimen (27/07/2020)

Daytrip into Reinheimen from Lordalen before more rain.

Dovre (25-26/07/2020)

Summer vacation kick-off: making use of a two-day weather window and hiking into Dovre from Skamsdalen.

Walkshop Jotunheimen (09-12/09/2019)

Me and Puck got a chance to taste hiking in beautiful Jotunheimen during a "Walkshop" organized by the Centre for Digital Life Norway. 17 Participants with 8 different nationalities got into discussions on value & value creation in biotechnology and life sciences while hiking Leirvassbu - Olavsbu - Skogadalsbøen - Sognefjellshytta.

Heading south (04/09/2019)

On our way south following the northern part of Helgelandskysten we passed Saltstraumen - the worldwide strongest tidal maelstrom and a tongue of Svatisen that once (before climate change) reached down to the fjord.

Beaches (23/08-04/09/2019)

Collection of beautiful sandy beaches up north.

Postschiff in use (23/08-04/09/2019)


Sjunkhatten (02/09/2019)

Hiking in Sjunkhatten National Park, near Bodø after returning to the mainland

Reka (01/09/2019)

Finally we got to hike Reka on Langøya (Vesterålen), even so we still did not climb the top. Reka is named after its impressive silouette that reminds of a spade blade.

Nordlys (31/08/2019)

First northern lights for this season while it still was not get completely dark. After the last, very quiet season this gives hope for more displays during this winter.


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