Uzbekistan (25-03-05/04/2018)

When jokes become reality... After this phrase having been around for some years, Binis mom finally decided to take on the plan of visiting a cinema in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan. Which was accomplished. Obviously you start with the most exotic destination if you have the idea to visit all the places showing up in movie trailer for the European arthouse cinema network. A family trip with Binis parents and sister to Uzbekistan to visit a movie theater in central asia and remnants of the silk road as a bonus - we decided to join the trip.

Lousiana (04/03/2018)

Special exhibition: Picasso ceramics.

Copenhagen (02-05/03/2018)

A long weekend in Copenhagen, meeting with Rebecca.

Glyptoteket (03/03/2018)

Bastard Boardgame Café

Budapest sacral buildings (02-05/02/2018)

In chronological order: St. Stephen's Basilica, Matthias Church, Dohány Street Synagogue.

Budapest (02-05/02/2018)

A long weekend in Budapest after attending a training school & symposium on Bioimage Analysis in Szeged.
Visiting Budapest is basically taking a cure - going to a different thermal bath every day, some sightseeing, and a wide selection of street food and restaurants.

Depeche Mode

Budapest, 02/02/2018.


Einige Dinge sind in Norwegen einfach nicht zu bekommen, oder sehr sehr teuer.
Unsere Import-Hitliste:
- Räuchertofu (im Bild der Vorrat für die nächsten paar Monate)
- Bergkäse
- Ritter-Sport Schokolade
- Vegane Gummibärchen
- Tee-Filtertüten

Neideck 1000 (29/12/2017)

"Neideck 1000" is a trail that connects the Wiesenttal highlights and collects altitude difference: 1000m up/down on 22km almost exclusively on dirt roads and trails. Sounds perfect if you want to test if you are able to run half-marathon distance for the first time, doesn't it?


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