Hörnchen (15/11/2020)

Cinnamon buns (02/11/2020)

Sourdough bread (04-05/2020)

Corona lockdown sourdough bread collection.

Ramsløk (03/05/2020)

Bymarka (19/04/2020)

First outdoor coffee of the year!

Social Distancing Easter (09-13/04/2020)

Before the Corona epidemics took pace we had planned to travel to Germany around Easter. Instead we spent social distancing-conform Easter holidays at home. Weather was variable to say the least.

Crepes Suzette (17/03/2020)


Ramsløkhøsting (05-06/05/2018)

First night in the car with the puppy, hanging out at the fjord and harvesting ramsons (Allium ursinum) at our secret spot. We made lots of pesto!

Scones (06/05/2017)

Berry scones for breakfast.

Ramsløk (01/05/2017)

Yes, it grows in Norway! We found a very good spot for ramsons (Ramsløk, Bärlauch) not far from Surnadal by chance. Bärlauchspätzle!


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