Kvamskogen (09/01/2022)

Starting the skiing season.

Hardangervidda - Ryfylke (14/05/2021)

Byrkjefjellet (17/04/2021)

T-shirt skiing.

Livarden (11/04/2021)

Fresh snow and perfect conditions.

Høgkjølen (02/04/2021)

Dovre (29/03/2021)

Easter skiing at its best: good weather, bad snow, and a very excited dog.

Ulriken/Vidden (07/02/2021)

Up Ulriken from Landås on Fjellski - mediocre skiing but fantastic weather.

Livarden (03/02/2021)

Livarden at night. -15°C and faint northern lights.

Livarden (30/01/2021)

Øvre Kvanndalen (12/01/2021)


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