Jotunheimen: Bitihorn (04/08/2020)

Back in Jotunheimen. Family excursion to Bitihorn (1607m).

Hardangervidda (03/08/2020)

Walk in the proximity of Åan and short glimpse of Hardangervidda in proximity before meeting with Binis parents who came visiting from Germany.

Hallingskarvet (02/08/2020)

Evening speed round on Prestholtrunden. At the edge of Hallingskarvet it offers a nice view over the Hardangervidda.

Jotunheimen: Trekanten (29/07-01/08/2020)

Next weather window and three days hiking in Jotunheimen: Triangle Leirvassbu - Gjendebu - Olavsbu - Leirvassbu.

Reinheimen (27/07/2020)

Daytrip into Reinheimen from Lordalen before more rain.

Dovre (25-26/07/2020)

Summer vacation kick-off: making use of a two-day weather window and hiking into Dovre from Skamsdalen.

Munkholmen (27/06/2020)

Geitfjellet (26/06/2020)

Kårvatn (21/06/2020)


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