November 2020

Stalking moose (11/2020)

Puck has gotten really good at tracking and showing me moose. At two occasions I managed to take pictures. One bull, that suddenly was standing on the way infront of us and mother and calf that we eventually could observe in 100m distance for about half an hour.

Stalking badgers (11/2020)

An hommage to "our" badger hole in Estenstadmarka. Always exciting to find it and check the current status.

Snow (19/11/2020)

Snow in Estenstadmarka and a visit at the badger's hole.

Hörnchen (15/11/2020)

Vennafjellet (14/11/2020)

Windy hike to Vennafjellet.

Cinnamon buns (02/11/2020)