May 2020

Kaldklova (01/06/2020)

Kamberget (24/05/2020)

Hitra (23/05/2020)

Hiking to Mørkdalstuva (345m), the highest mountain on Hitra.

Mjønes (22/05/2020)

And suddenly it was summer. Starting the climbing season!

Jerpe (21/05/2020)

A hazel grouse (Tetrastes bonasia, Jerpe, Haselhuhn) considering itself a capercaillie.


For the record (10-16/05/2020)

A week with fresh snow in the middle of may.


Vassfjellet (14/05/2020)

If it keeps snowing in the middle of May - well, go skiing.

Curious Moose (08/05/2020)


Mannfjellet (10/05/2020)

A layer of fresh snow and rapidly shifting weather.

Ramsløk (03/05/2020)