May 2018

Ondusfjellet (26/05/2018)

We have been skiing in the area before but missed the beautiful birch forest half way up. Pictures are not able to catch the magic of this place.

Friends & Dogs (25-27/05/2018)

Uli and Vale from Nürnberg came to visit us on their Scandinavia trip the same weekend we had promised to dogsit Pumuckl's mother and sister, so we took the dogs along when we enjoyed the white nights. Still 3 weeks to go until midsummer. Weather could not have been better, it was so warm that we had to go swimming for refreshment (In Norway! In May!).
Very much looking forward to see the results of Uli's timelapse photography on!

Geitfjellet (17/05/2018)

A trip to our backyard mountain indstead of crowds for the Norwegian National Holiday.
Puppy got a lift in between because it is yet too far for him to walk by himself.

Season start (10/05/2018)

Ascension day felt like jumping right into summer. We started the outdoor climbing season at Hardmoen a few days later than the last two years. The puppy did a very good job and enjoyed playing with water and the last snowpatches for refreshment - there is nothing like starting young to become a good climbers dog.

Ramsløkhøsting (05-06/05/2018)

First night in the car with the puppy, hanging out at the fjord and harvesting ramsons (Allium ursinum) at our secret spot. We made lots of pesto!

Tired boys (03/05/2018)

<3 <3 <3

Apport! (01/05/2018)

Finally some action shots!