March 2018


The oasis Bukhara used to be a central trading hub. Today it has more than 200.000 inhabitants but the old town gives more the impression of a city-museum. Although a very lively one since a Nasriddin Afendi (Nasreddin Hodja) festival took place with music and dance in the streets.


Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan with more than 2 million inhabitants and arrival/departure destination. Industrialized apartment blocks, post-socialist pomp, wide roads and surprisingly green. Our highlight was the vibrant bazar.

Uzbekistan (25-03-05/04/2018)

When jokes become reality... After this phrase having been around for some years, Binis mom finally decided to take on the plan of visiting a cinema in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan. Which was accomplished. Obviously you start with the most exotic destination if you have the idea to visit all the places showing up in movie trailer for the European arthouse cinema network. A family trip with Binis parents and sister to Uzbekistan to visit a movie theater in central asia and remnants of the silk road as a bonus - we decided to join the trip.

Norsk Buhund (18/03/2018)

4 weeks old.

Norway Pavillion (09/03/2018)

The pavillion was build for the 1983 World's exhibition in Chicago and returned to Orkanger in 2017.


Norsk Buhund (06/03/2018)

2 weeks old.

Lousiana (04/03/2018)

Special exhibition: Picasso ceramics.

Bastard Boardgame Café

Glyptoteket (03/03/2018)