October 2017

Etna III (28/10/2017)

Syracusa (27/10/2017)

Necropoli di Pantalica (27/10/2017)

There is climbing there, too. Perhaps a reason to come back?

Enna (27/10/2017)

Enna - the middle of Sicily.

Segesta (23/10/2017)

Etna II - South Flank (20/10/2017)

Hiking on the south flank (almost) to the Etna summit.
To skip the cable car turned out to be hard work but going down is fast & fun.

Etna I - North Flank (17/10/2017)

Alcantara gorge and Etna north flank.

Taormina (16-18/10/2017)

Traveling to Italy for a work retreat in Taormina. Followed by a couple of days hiking and climbing with a pinch of culture to make the long travel worth.