Glesvær (25/09/2021)

Algrøyna (22/08/2021)

Fantastic day playing around Algrøyna. First time observing comb jellyfish, they are very pretty. Mnemiopsis leidyi (Lobemanet, warty comb jelly) is an invasive species in Norway.

Øygården (10-11/07/2021)

Glesvær (19-20/06/2021)

Trondheimsfjord (03/10/2020)

Tried to padle a double kayak for the first time. Surprisingly fast against the wind.

Munkholmen (27/06/2020)

Munkholmen (14/06/2020)

This was the first time we got to see Munkholmen from inside.

Bakklandet (23/06/2018)

Hitra II: Brottpadletur (09-10/11/2018)

Brottpadletur to Hitra with Trondheim Kajakkklubb. So beautiful there. Did not manage to take pictures of the sea eagles and the sea otter unfortunately.
Paddle pics by Callum, Egil, Andreas.

Trondheimsfjord (14/10/2018)

Easy afternoon paddle with pretty autumn colors.


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