Byrkjefjellet (17/04/2021)

T-shirt skiing.

Livarden (11/04/2021)

Fresh snow and perfect conditions.

Ulriken/Vidden (07/02/2021)

Up Ulriken from Landås on Fjellski - mediocre skiing but fantastic weather.

Livarden (03/02/2021)

Livarden at night. -15°C and faint northern lights.

Livarden (30/01/2021)

Vennafjellet (14/11/2020)

Windy hike to Vennafjellet.

Litjfjellet (23/10/2020)

Vassfjellets neighbour.

Jotunheimen: Galdhøpiggen (15/08/2020)

Norways highest peak on the way home: Galdhøpiggen (2469m)

Jotunheimen: Besshøe (06/08/2020)

From Bessheim to Besshøe (2258m) but we turned around approx 100hm before the top due to low clouds/fog. Close encounter with a herd of reindeer that unexpectedly came our way after we had passed it 15min before.

Jotunheimen: Bitihorn (04/08/2020)

Back in Jotunheimen. Family excursion to Bitihorn (1607m).


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