Insta Raudlivatnet (04/01/2021)

Positive surprise: sometimes skating around Bergen is possible.

Udon (03/01/2021)

Sotra (03/01/2021)

Sunday walk on Sotra.

Happy New Year! (01/01/2021)

Knarven Fort (29/12/2020)

Damsgårdfjellet (28/12/2020)

We are missing "our" moose but no complaints about the view from the backyard.

Bergensværet (27/12/2020)

Exploring our backyard in the typical weather for Bergen. It is said to be the most rainy city in Europe.

Bergen (24/12/2020)

We made it over the mountains safely and have settled in to our new place. No rain on Christmas eve invited to take a first trip to Damsgårdfjellet, our new backyard mountain.

Moving (16-20/12/2020)

We are preparing for a new place and new job in the new year.
Puck was a bit concerned about his home getting disassembled and packed in boxes.

Tømmerholtdammen (14/12/2020)


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