Våvatnet (05/03/2017)

Jervskogen (25/02/2017)

Nordsetfossen (19/02/2017)

Fluctuating temperatures: adjust to the predominant aggregate state of water.

Pic: Capucine

Skredkurs (10-12/02/2017)

Skredkurs (DNT), Dindalshytta

Selbuskogen (04/02/2017)

Bymarka (14-15/01/2017)

More pictures from Bymarka this weekend, avoiding the prepared tracks.
Ferista - Baklidammen - Lavollen - Tikneppen - Ferista (Sat).
Ferista - Geitfjellet - Tikneppen - Kobberdammen - Fjellsetermyra - Ferista (Sun).

Skiing (14-15/01/2017)

Take a close look at the tall tree on the left side - the pictures are almost taken at the same spot. No fjord view on Sunday though.

Winter solstice (21/12/2016)

Celebrating midwinter, the shortest day of the year (4:30:08 daylength in Trondheim), with some northern lights. From tomorrow it is getting lighter again!

Prepared for winter (12/12/2016)

2 stere firewood, now it can stay cold. And our neighbors cat.

You are never too old... (01/12/2016)



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