Algrøyna (22/08/2021)

Fantastic day playing around Algrøyna. First time observing comb jellyfish, they are very pretty. Mnemiopsis leidyi (Lobemanet, warty comb jelly) is an invasive species in Norway.

Bergen Aquarium (15/08/2021)


Sotra (14/08/2021)

Selstø-buene on Sotra with Susi and Otto.

Blåbær (09/08/2020)


Bergen streetart (Pics by Rebecca)

Guest content by Rebecca: exploring Bergen.


Atlantis (08/08/2021)

Introducing Rebecca to outdoor climbing.

Karmøy, Bømlo (07/08/2021)

Buarbreen (06/08/2021)

Buer - Buarbreen.

Heddal Stavkirke (05/08/2021)

Norway's largest stave church.

Oslo (05/08/2021)

Oslo sightseeing after picking up Rebecca at Gardemoen. Visiting the fantastic Deichman Bjørvika library and Frognerparken.


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