May 2017

Hardmoen (01/05/2017)

After starting the day with a flat tire, we decided to keep up traditions and started the climbing season instead of going skiing. More snow at Hardmoen than May 1st last year but sunny and warm at the wall.

Ramsløk (01/05/2017)

Yes, it grows in Norway! We found a very good spot for ramsons (Ramsløk, Bärlauch) not far from Surnadal by chance. Bärlauchspätzle!

Scones (06/05/2017)

Berry scones for breakfast.

Home sweet home... (13/05/2017)

Climbing one of my all time-favorite routes & viewpoint with good company!

Heidelberg (14-20/05/2017)

The obligatory tourist picture!
Figured it's already seven years ago that I finished my undergrad studies in Heidelberg, wow. Now back for a very cool course in Bioimage Data Analysis at EMBL.