January 2017

Bymarka (14-15/01/2017)

More pictures from Bymarka this weekend, avoiding the prepared tracks.
Ferista - Baklidammen - Lavollen - Tikneppen - Ferista (Sat).
Ferista - Geitfjellet - Tikneppen - Kobberdammen - Fjellsetermyra - Ferista (Sun).

Skiing (14-15/01/2017)

Take a close look at the tall tree on the left side - the pictures are almost taken at the same spot. No fjord view on Sunday though.

Málaga, Cabo de Gata (02-03/01/2017)

A municipal park full of cocks (bizarre!), the largest Buddhist stupa in the western world, Centre Pompidou, and Alcazaba in Málaga.
Cabo de Gata-Níjar.

El Chorro (27/12/2016-01/01/2017)

Caminito del Rey, not at all scary after the extensive renovation. Some nice person gave us free tickets.
And good rockclimbing.